Bargain basement trauma

In the olden days the department store Myer used to have a beast called “The Bargain Basement”. As a kid, going into Myer with the folks, the trip down to the Bargain Basement was a nightmare, that continues to haunt my dreams until this very day. The Bargain Basement used to be jam packed with [...]

All wisdom is found on t-shirts

I love checking out funny t shirts. The best ones are those that are funny and original. This combination is becoming. My favourite designs almost always feature things that seem average, or ‘normal’, upon a single glance, but turn out to be something much more after further examination. A wise man once said, “All wisdom [...]

Not a wine buff

First off, I’m not a wine buff. I know what I like, but I doubt I could tell the difference between a $10 bottle and a $50 bottle. I guess then, that makes me the perfect candidate for a wine of the month club. Taking the choice out of my hands and giving it to [...]

Who wouldn’t want an extra couple of inches?

For anyone that knows me, it’s not really a secret that I’m looking at picking up an lcd monitor. I’ve been considering the purchase for a while now, and I’m weighing up whether or not to go with a 22″ monitor or a 24″ monitor. I’m leaning toward the 22″ based on cost alone, but [...]

What is the market price of a modern desk?

As someone in the market for a new work desk, I find myself scratching my head. I can’t quite figure out why designers of modern furniture insist on form over function. Take this desk for example. It’s a simple design, but not quite large enough for my needs. Perhaps it is just me, but when [...]