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Aussie Dave Warner

I’m not sure where the appeal lies when it comes to steel buildings, particularly in summer. Have you ever heard the expression “…like a cat on a hot tin roof”? Anyway, the only place that needs to be made of steel is any cricket ground Aussie Dave Warner is batting at. His 89 off 40 [...]

Leaving Las Vegas

I was never a huge fan of the TV series Las Vegas, to me it was just another drama with attractive people running around looking nice. I could tune in occasionally, but wasn’t fussed if I missed it. It’s sole saving grace was that it featured James Caan. When he left at the end of [...]

Weight loss theory

I read in the newspaper recently that early January is the peak time for gyms, with the theory being that one of the most common new year resolutions is to lose weight and/or get fit. I’m guessing then that February/March is the peak sales period for diet pills and weight loss products, as those that [...]

Weight Loss Lip Gloss

When looking into weight loss products you’ll no doubt come across your fair share of nutty remedies and quick fix cures. I have to say though, that one of the stupidest sounding weigh loss products I’ve seen is Weight Loss Lip Gloss, as seen in the WEIGHT-LOSS LIP GLOSS: A second on the lips, [...]

I guess you get what you pay for

I guess I’m like most people when I say that where ever possible, I like to save myself a buck. This personal policy has extended to the purchase of furniture. Now, without a doubt there is some good quality discount furniture available. My problem is I don’t always have the patience to do the research. [...]