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Great Escape: Doggie Style

What does a Beagle and acne have in common? They will both go to extraordinary lengths to break out. I watched this clip and was astounded at the selfishness of the escapee. I was expecting him to turn back and break his buddies free. Get ready for the Great Escape: Doggie Style. WPvideo 1.10 Download! [...]

Possible side effects

I love a good consumer price watch story. It’s the stuff current affairs programs cut their teeth on. When I first saw this one though, I thought it was a typo. I’d never heard of the alli weight loss pill before. Well Alli isn’t a typo, it’s a non-prescription, FDA approved diet pill that is [...]

Perverse Pleasures

What is it about humans that causes us to get perverse pleasure from watching other peoples misfortune? Here’s an example, head on over to YouTube and search for “Skateboard crash”. At the time of writing this, that search yielded 8,260 results. They are all fairly popular clips too I might add, and every single one [...]


If you’ve ever moved house, you’ll know that packing and then unpacking your stuff is just about the least enjoyable part of the process. I’d say the second least enjoyable aspect is trying to find someone to help you move. You can hire people to move your stuff for you, but they might not be [...]

Quadruple bypass burger

Now I’m tipping that if you’re the type of person that finds food from the Heart Attack Grill enticing, then you’re not going to be all that interested in exercise equipment of any sort. Take a look at a picture of their quadruple bypass burger and tell me that exercise is on the agenda of [...]